• Founder CPO Eric Highland and his 2014 JKUR "GUARDIAN"

  • About Coast Guard Jeep Club

    Welcome to the Coast Guard Jeep Club (CGJC)!


    For years, CPO Eric Highland, founder of the Coast Guard Jeep Club, was part of several military and veterans Jeep clubs around the nation. However, there weren't many Coast Guard Jeepers in any of them.

    The unique camaraderie he recalled from his service in the Coast Guard was diluted in those clubs because they encompassed all five of our nation's Armed Forces. 

    Chief Highland knew there had to be a ton of Coast Guard Jeepers out there, so he searched for a Coast Guard-specific club on the Internet. He wanted to find a place that combined the camaraderie he found in the Coast Guard and his passion for Jeeps. 

    He couldn't find one. The Coast Guard Jeep Club was long overdue. 

    So at 11:31 hours on Oct. 15, 2017, Chief Highland created what is today the Coast Guard Jeep Club. 

    On the very first day of the club's existence, 127 souls "reported for duty" and the rest is history. Those 127 souls became "Plank Owners" of the Coast Guard Jeep Club and will forever have their names on the Plank Owner list.

    In less than three months, the club swelled to over 1,000 members representing 49 of the 50 states (we still can't find a Coast Guard Jeeper who calls South Dakota home, but we're trying).

    The Coast Guard Jeep Club is also international, boasting members in Europe, South America, Guam, Saudi Arabia, and the Caribbean.

  • Membership

    As of August 2018, there are only two requirements for Coast Guard Jeep Club membership:

    1. You must be serving, or have served, in the United States Coast Guard, Coast Guard Reserves, Coast Guard Auxiliary, or be an immediate family member of a person who has (spouses, children, siblings, and parents of Coast Guard members are welcome to become members of the Coast Guard Jeep Club).
    2. You must own a Jeep.

    Yeah, about that second requirement. We know there are many Coast Guard personnel and former personnel who are off-road enthusiasts, but sadly do not own a Jeep. We get it. But this is the Coast Guard JEEP Club. This is not a general off-roading club. So the second requirement remains in effect.

    Though we are happy to wheel with other Coast Guard members who don't own Jeeps, to be a member of this club, you must own a Jeep.


    The Coast Guard Jeep Club is organized with a long-term vision. We knew there were folks all over the world who would be interested in the club, so we planned for that level of reach.

    We've started by organizing the Coast Guard Jeep Club within the United States. As the club expands, we'll expand our leadership opportunities.

    As of this writing, the Coast Guard Jeep Club has a national level leadership team overseeing the club at large, as well as a state level leadership team.

    We currently have 23 State Chapters, with State Coordinators leading their respective chapters in each of these states or territories.

    The following is the Leadership Structure as of February 2018.

    National Level

    Founder: CPO Eric Highland, USCG

    Admin: Brittany Highland

    State Level

    AL: CAPT Malcom Mclellan

    AK: PO Kayla Hartley

    AZ: CPO Chris Nutter

    CA: SCPO Frank Mitchell, PO Eric DeLong

    CT: PO Buddy Gavisk

    DE: PO Bob Bell

    FL: PO Rick De Pianta, CPO Joe Shiver

    KY: PO John Hicks

    ME: PO Meghan Brianne

    MA: PO Nick Maguire

    MI: PO Sean Farrar

    MO: O3E LT Trey Loughridge

    NJ: PO Brian Fielding

    NY: PO Dave Turnbole, PO James Wisson

    NC: PO Daniel De Denghy, CPO Peter Rossi

    ND: SN Terri Barley

    OK: CPO Robert Fenner

    OR: PO Tony Degn

    PA: CPO Andy Goldstrom

    RI: CPO Tom Casey, CPO Alan Penney

    SC: CPO Stephane Corriveau

    TX: PO Cass Ontiveros, PO Michael Davis, PO Andrew Resk, PO Seth Mapp

    VA: PO James Berry

    WA: PO Kacy Fischer

    WI: SCPO Michael Erwin

    Puerto Rico: CPO Gama Negron

    We're still looking for State Coordinator volunteers in states not listed above. If you are interested, use the contact form to let us know. 

    Historical Milestones

    10-15-17: The Coast Guard Jeep Club (CGJC) is created at 11:31 hours in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

    10-15-17: 127 Souls become the first to join the CGJC. These souls joined before 00:00 Eastern Time on 10-16-17. The names of these 127 souls are recorded officially on the Coast Guard Jeep Club's official Plank Owner list.

    01-26-18: The first ever Coast Guard Jeep Club national event was held at Hidden Falls Off Road Park in the Texas Hill Country. The event lasted all weekend. It was only attended by 10 members, but it was an important milestone in the club's history.

    Mission and Purpose

    The Coast Guard Jeep Club was founded to form a camaraderie unique to Coast Guard personnel and their families, who have a passion for Jeeping and the Jeep life.

    Our purpose is to promote good times with one another, while being safe and being good stewards of the land on which we wheel.


    The Coast Guard Jeep Club is not a non-profit organization.

    The club was financially initiated from CPO Highland's personal pocket book. The club has remained self-funded from the sale of decals and merchandise. The funds collected from sales of merchandise and club decals are used for the purposes of operating the club and expenses related to doing so.

    The plan is to use funds for Coast Guard Jeep Club registration fees for Jeep events, supporting State Chapters with promotional materials, buying prizes for national gatherings, establishing scholarships for members as needed, contributing to Coast Guard causes, etc. Proceeds also go to Founder CPO Eric Highland in compensation for his time invested in the creation and on-going maintenance of the club, which has become a fulltime job for him. (And he thought he was retired!)

    Closing Thoughts

    We're glad you are here. Welcome aboard and Semper Paratus!

    If you haven't signed up for membership yet, please do so.

    Our hope is that the Coast Guard Jeep Club will be something you'll be motivated to become an active part of.

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