Coast Guard Jeep Club FAQ

Q. Who is eligible to join the Coast Guard Jeep Club?

A. Any active duty, reserve, retired, veteran, or auxiliary member who served or is serving in the United States Coast Guard. Immediate family members are also welcome to join. All personnel who join must personally own a Jeep brand vehicle.


Q. How do I get Coast Guard Jeep Club decals for my Jeep?

A. Simple. Visit our Supporters page. Sign up to become a Supporter of the club and you'll get 2 decals. After becoming a Supporter, you can order more decals in various colors. Decals are $10 each.


Q. What is included when I become a Coast Guard Jeep Club Supporter?

A. Your $20 Supporter level includes 2 decals (which normally cost $10 each). It allows access to purchase additional decals (eight color schemes are currently available). Plus, you gain access to exclusive Coast Guard Jeep Club discounts from our preferred vendors. Currently, we have agreements with eight different companies, including 25% off all products from Rigid Industries and up to 10% off River City Off-Road. Visit our Exclusive Offers page to see all the discounts available. Click here for more information on becoming a Supporter.


Q. What if I want to cancel my annual Supporter status?

A. We hope you will want to support the club. But if you need to cancel your annual support, then you can do so at any time. Note that refunds are not available at this time, so make sure to cancel before your renewal date.


Q. What is the difference between a Coast Guard Jeep Club "member" and a Coast Guard Jeep Club "Supporter"?

A. Coast Guard Jeep Club began as a Facebook group, and grew faster and larger than we ever expected. We usually use "member" to describe anyone who is part of our Facebook group. Now that we have a website, we use "Supporter" to describe those who pay an annual fee and gain exclusive benefits as a thank you for financially supporting the club.


Q. What future plans do you have for the website?

A. In the future, we hope to incorporate a forum for discussion among our members who don’t like to use Facebook, and an expanded gallery where members can upload photos of their rigs and Jeep adventures. Beyond that, we'll be actively looking to add features that benefit club Supporters.


Q. Will there be any other Coast Guard Jeep Club merchandise available for purchase besides decals?

A. Yes! T-shirts and hoodies are available now. We plan on offering hats, flags, and more in the future.


Q. I’m a vendor and I’d like to offer the Coast Guard Jeep Club a discount. How do I do that?

A. Use the Contact page on our website and let us know! We’ll take a look!


Q. I’m interested in becoming a State Coordinator for a state that isn’t listed as having one. How do I go about volunteering?

A. Use the Contact page. Let us know! Here is the current list of State Chapters and coordinators.


Q. I’m interested in becoming a State Coordinator for a state that is already listed. Is that possible?

A. Yes, depending on the state. Many states have room for multiple state coordinators because of their size. If you are interested in discussing, then use the Contact page.


Q. I’m an avid off-road enthusiast, but I don’t have a Jeep. Can I still join?

A. No. We’d love to wheel with you, but in order to be a member of a JEEP club, you must own…are you ready for it? A Jeep!


Q. I have a question that isn't answered here. How do I get an answer to my question?

A. Use the Contact page on our website. We'll get your question answered privately. If enough folks ask the same question, then we'll add it to this list.

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