Exclusive Offers From Preferred Vendors

The following vendors graciously offer exclusive discounts to Coast Guard Jeep Club. Discounts are exclusively available to Coast Guard Jeep Club Supporters.

Each listed vendor has a unique point of contact and/or method for obtaining the discount. Supporters, make sure you are logged in, so you can see the specific details.

*If you are an aftermarket Jeep parts/mod vendor and would like to be added to this list, then please contact us.

River City Offroad

River City Off Road Logo

River City Offroad (RCO), based out of Central Texas, offers pretty much every aftermarket product you could ever want for your Jeep. Even without the Coast Guard Jeep Club discount, RCO prices are already low--and for the highest quality name brand mods you can find.

RCO Owner, Marcus Rose, is a staunch supporter of those who have served our nation. He is proud to offer Coast Guard Jeep Club up to 10% off his already low prices, website-wide! Some exclusions apply due to manufacturer regulations and package deal discounts already in place.

Website: RiverCityOffroad.com


I (Eric, Founder of the Coast Guard Jeep Club) have used RCO for many of my personal Jeep aftermarket purchases, including my Warn winch, ARB dual air compressor, JW Speaker LED headlights, Rock Hard 4x4 front bumper, and more. Marcus has always been top notch to work with. I highly recommend you give RCO a shot and take advantage of the exclusive discount offered to our club.

Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries makes arguably the best lighting solutions for Jeeps. Let's put it this way: if you own a Rigid light and it breaks, the company will replace or repair it for life.

Ask anyone about the quality of Rigid Industries lighting products and you'll get the same answer. They are the best on the market. Though they can be pricey, you get what you pay for. With our exclusive discount from Rigid Industries, you'll save 25% off the listed prices on the official website. Anyone who knows anything about this company will tell you it's very rare to find these lights on sale, let alone at 25% off.

Website: RigidIndustries.com


I (Eric, Founder of the Coast Guard Jeep Club) went through this process myself just to see how it would work. I ordered a 10-inch light bar and two cube lights through Brian. Got my 25% discount with no problems. The lights were shipped to me with tracking in three business days. Brian was great to work with. Super easy process.


Jeep People Discount

JeepPeople has offered to give all Supporters of Coast Guard Jeep Club 10% off anything on their website! They have a massive selection of Jeep aftermarket products: armor, wheels, drive train, programmers, bumpers, soft tops, and more. Take a look at jeeppeople.com.

Remember, if you are a Supporter of this website, then you are entitled to get all of the exclusive CGJC discounts. You don't have to be a Supporter of the website to be a member of the club, but becoming a Supporter can sure pay off if you're doing mods to your Jeep!

Some exclusions may apply, due to manufacturer regulations and package deal discounts already in place.

Website: JeepPeople.com


I've wheeled with one of the owners of JeepPeople and am thrilled they were willing to provide this discount to the club. They have a HUGE following of over 350,000 people on their Facebook page. It's nice to see some of the big boys reaching out to the club. So check out their site and give that 10% discount a shot for your next order.

Outlaw Jeep Adventures and Rentals

Oulaw Jeep Adventures Moab Discount

Outlaw Jeep Adventures and Rentals, based out of Moab, Utah, is proud to offer an exclusive 15% off discount to Supporters of CGJC.

No matter your experience level, they can take you on an off-road adventure that you’ll never forget. Rent a Jeep and take off on your own, rent a Jeep and follow a guide, ride in one of their Jeeps on an epic trip, or use your own Jeep with one of their team members as a guide.

There are tons of options!

Website: OutlawJeepAdventures.com


I (Eric, Founder of Coast Guard Jeep Club) drove my own Jeep with Heidi and Jeremy of Outlaw Jeep Adventures as my guides. They ran me through Hell’s Revenge and Poison Spider, two Jeep Badge of Honor trails in Moab. I’ve personally recommended them to many of my Jeep friends who aren’t part of CGJC. If you are ever in Moab, take advantage of this 15% discount. You won’t regret it!

Vision X Lighting

Vision X Lighting Discount Coast Guard

Vision X Lighting reached out to Coast Guard Jeep Club and asked to become a preferred vendor! They are offering 25% off any retail priced item at vxautomotive.com. They rarely offer this level of discount, but they appreciate the men and women of the United States Coast Guard and our families.

Whether you are looking for headlights, fog lights, or light bars, Vision X Lighting is a leading player in the industry.

Website: VXAutomotive.com


I (Eric, Founder of Coast Guard Jeep Club) have not used Vision X Lighting yet for my Jeep, but I do know the Marketing Manager. They are good folks and you can see their products at all the major shows like SEMA. Take a look through their website and see the quality of these products for yourself!


GoTreads Logo

GoTreads is proud to partner with Coast Guard Jeep Club!

They are offering CGJC Supporters $20 off their patented, made in the U.S.A. traction recovery gear. That brings the price to just $99 for a pair!

GoTreads fold for easy storage and are designed to get you out of mud, snow, and sand. They can also be used to level your vehicle if you are car camping or overlanding.

Website: GoTreads.com


I (Eric, Founder of Coast Guard Jeep Club) have owned a set of GoTreads for awhile now. They live in my Jeep. I’ve used them personally to level not only my Jeep but even my RV! They are really well made and fold down for easy storage. I highly recommend that any off-road enthusiast keeps a set of these handy. Much safer first option than a winch!


HB Grafix Discount Coast Guard Jeep ClubHB Grafix is your one-stop shop for custom-made decals, Lux rock lights, Jeep name stickers, sunshades, Jeep apparel, flags, grille inserts, and more.

Proud to support Coast Guard Jeep Club, HB Grafix offers Supporters 15% off everything on the website.

Website: HBGrafix.com


I (Eric, Founder of Coast Guard Jeep Club) have used HBGrafix.com for the printing of high-quality decals for Jeep clubs and groups. Andrew is easy to work with and an all-around great guy. If you see anything on his site that interests you, then take advantage of your discount with him!

Burnt Customs LogoBurnt Customs

Stand out from the crowd and show off your style. Simply put, if you can imagine it, then Burnt Customs can do it. This company produces custom inner fender liners, spare tire deletes, and foot pegs. Burnt Customs has offered Coast Guard Jeep Club Supporters an exclusive 15% discount on anything you order.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Some ideas would be your rating badge, a cuttermans pin, PSU pin, your unit logo, the Coast Guard emblem, or Coast Guard ensign. Dream, but dream big and make it your own.

Website: BurntCustoms.com


I (Eric, Founder of the Coast Guard Jeep Club) had Burnt Customs make me a set of Coast Guard Chief Anchor foot pegs for my Jeep. They are amazing and have held up to a stupid amount of abuse. The detail on the foot pegs is incredible. I can’t recommend this company highly enough.

Semper Paratus, Semper Jeeping.

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